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Turkey Lurkey

Turkey Lurkey
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Porch Turkey It didn't take Sarah long to make friends with one of the local wild turkeys.  It has been named Turkey Lurkey and it follows Sarah everywhere.  He'll even come right up on the porch.  Sarah wasn't too happy when we told her she couldn't bring Turkey Lurkey inside for the night.  But she was happy when she woke up in the morning and discovered him sitting on the railing, peering in the window.  The neighbor said Turkey Lurkey was raised by peacocks so he thinks he's a peacock.  Of course, being a turkey, he's not the brightest animal in the world and when following Sarah around the yard he is easily distracted by bugs, tasty looking weeds, his own shadow, a light breeze or anything else that startles him.

Chameleon Sarah's not the only one with a new pet.  Valerie has a pet chameleon.  It lives in the bush outside our back yard.  Valerie discovered it when she nearly chopped it's leg off while pruning the bush.  It's about a foot long.  It has hardly moved in several days now, seemingly content to live it's entire life in that one bush.

Emily has been asking for a pet bunny since last November.  In December we got tired of saying `No' and told her she could have one when we moved to Hawaii.  Now that we're here, every day we have to explain that we're still too busy and she can get her pet bunny as soon as we have time to make a house for it.  I checked the local Humane Society but they didn't have any rabbits.  All they had was a duck.  No go, Emily wants a bunny.  I may have to bump up the priority of building a bunny hutch.  In the mean time she's been happy sharing everyone else's pets and playing her ukulele.


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