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Our first Easter here in Hawaii was pleasant.  In preparation for Easter, the girls decorated the living room with their stuffed bunnies.  Keep in mind, this is only a small portion of their total stuffed animal population.  Even the bunny herd was thinned down before we moved.  It seems that stuffed bunnies multiply almost as rapidly as the real thing.

Emily still doesn't have her pet bunny.  We found a local pet store that should be getting some soon and we put our name on the waiting list.  We've started building a bunny hutch so we'll be ready when it arrives.  Apparently, we're lucky to find any rabbits on the island at all.  My brother's wife's father is Hawaiian and he explained that Hawaiians are quite fond of rabbit for dinner.  When he was growing up the cheapest place to get rabbits was from the pet store so there were never any pet rabbits available.  I had confirmation of Hawaiians' fondness for rabbit at the local roofing supplier.  I was looking for some surplus roofing scraps I could use for the bunny hutch.  When the Hawaiian that was helping me asked how many rabbits I had, I said "Only one.  If I had two then I'd soon have 30."  Without pause, he replied "Great!  Then you'd have dinner for a month."

Easter coffee In addition to decorating the living room and dying easter eggs, we also decided to make some easter coffee.  It actually worked quite well.  We decided that trying to hide the easter coffee out in the yard would be a little too much of a challenge.  Instead, it sits in a jar where it looks quite colorful and festive.

We woke up early Easter morning.  Of course, the weather was beautiful.  We went to a sunrise service, went out to breakfast, then went to the beach.  More importantly, we spent the entire day NOT working.  Unless you count carrying the heavy cooler down to the beach and back.  It was full of drinks, an easter ham and easter eggs, very heavy.  I carried it all the way down to the beach and back for nothing.  I hope the ham had a good day at the beach.

The beach is a nice one.  It's near the local harbor but hidden out of the way enough that not many tourists go there.  You can easily tell the tourists from the locals.  The tourists lay out in the sun and are either very white or very sunburned.  The locals have learned to stay in the shade whenever possible.  We've only been here a month but we've already had enough sun that we prefer the shade most of the time.

This beach was perfect for the girls.  It has a large lagoon that gets no swell, has a sandy bottom, and is only a couple feet deep.  Right outside the lagoon is excellent snorkeling.  I convinced Valerie to swim outside the lagoon with me.  That's the first time she has ever been swimming in the open ocean.  Other than being a little nervous, she had no problems at all.  There were tons of large fish and a couple turtles.  It was a great way to spend our Easter Sunday.


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