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Sarah and Emily were in their new school for only four days before they had two weeks off for spring break.  Now that spring break is over, it's time to go back to school.  The transition is going well but hasn't been without it's difficult moments.  Sarah's forth grade class has about 30 students, only five of which are girls.  The class can be a bit rowdy sometimes.  Sarah is a very well behaved child and doesn't exactly know how to handle all those bothersome boys.  She's slowly getting used to it and her teacher, Mr. Coyne, is helping her along whenever necessary.  When we drop her off in the morning all the other kids say "Hi Sarah!"  I'm sure it won't be long before she finds a good friend or two.

In Santa Clarita, the kindergarten was only half days. Here in Hawaii, kindergarteners go to school for a full day. Emily is still getting used to the longer hours and she can be a bit overwhelmed by the end of the day.  Her teacher, Mrs. Bradley, and all the other students are all very nice.  When we picked up Emily from school today, all the other kindergarteners said "Goodbye Emily" for about a million times until we were finally out of earshot.

Emily is learning to read.  When we got home I had the pleasure of hearing all about Sad Sam.  "Sad Sam is a dog.  Sad Sam likes to dig.  Sad Sam dug in the mud!  Matt sees Sad Sam.  "Oh, no!" says Matt.  "That pup got in the mud!"  Matt tugs Sad Sam..."  I won't ruin the ending for you.  Ask Emily, she'll be happy to read the whole story to you.  You'll only have to help with the really hard words.

This Saturday, Emily was invited to a Princess Birthday Party for one of the girls at school.  They get to have lunch in a castle.  Emily already has her outfit picked out.  She's dressing as Cinderella (Snow White is been relegated to second place on Emily's list of favorite princesses).  I'm sure Emily will have a good time.  I just hope the party ends before midnight and Cinderella's coach (my pickup) turns into a pumpkin.

After a hard day at school, it's time to relax on the couch and watch some cartoons.

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