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New Pets

Smokey Yesterday, I stopped by the local farm equipment dealer to look at fertilizer spreaders.  While I was inside talking to the salesman about all the expensive farm equipment I need to buy, Valerie went next door to the local Humane Society.  That's where she found Smokey.  We still don't have a fertilizer spreader, but we do have a new dog.

Smokey is an 11 month old male shepherd mix.  He's quite gentle and loves to play with the girls.  He was a little timid at first but he is quickly getting comfortable with his new family.  I'm sure it won't be long before he's confidently following us all over the farm.  He already loves to play chase at a million miles an hour around the house.  We are trying to keep him close to the house for now so he hasn't discovered the electric fence yet.

Smokey did discover Turkey Lurkey.  I can now definitively say that, once they have sufficient incentive, turkeys are quite adept fliers.  That turkey got airborne with no trouble at all and was soon three fields away with no signs of slowing down.  He'll probably be back again, turkeys aren't real strong in the memory department.

Smokey was also introduced to the farm cat.  The cat was quick to establish who is boss.  One well placed swipe and Smokey decided he'd rather go find someone else to play with.

Emily's Bunny Just when we thought we might have enough pets for awhile, we got a phone call from the local pet store.  Emily's bunny had finally arrived.  It's a baby Dwarf Netherland.  It is absolutely tiny.  Emily loves it very much, she told it so three times before bed.

For now, the bunny is living in the aquarium in the living room.  Emily can watch it through the glass and it's quite safe from dogs, cats and mongooses.  I better get busy and finish building the bunny hutch.  We also let the Humane Society put our name on the list of people that would take stray chickens.  So I better get ready to build a chicken coop.

Bunny Hutch

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