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Click image for full-res version (1MB, 4726x1030).

It was a beautiful morning and I was procrastinating before starting the day's farm chores.  I took a series of pictures and combined them into this 180° panoramic view in front of our house.  Click on it to download a much larger version.  If your browser shows you the larger version all on one screen, without a horizontal scroll bar, then you're still not seeing the full-res version.  The full-res version is at least three screens wide.  When viewed at a lower resolution, the perspective can be deceiving.  The left of the picture is looking north while the right of the picture is looking south.

The far left of the picture is looking down our driveway.  You can see the red tractor and some coffee drying in the greenhouse.  Behind the greenhouse is our front field with rows of young coffee trees.  Beyond that is another empty field.  The tall Norfolk pines beyond that is the property boundary.

Next to the driveway in the foreground, just behind the palm tree, is one of our avocado trees.  To the right of that, on this side of the driveway, is a giant rubber tree.  Scrolling to the right, you'll see our cars.  Above the cars is that super tall papaya tree.  To the right is the house.  If you look real closely you can see Sarah sitting in a chair on the porch while watching me take the picture.

Valerie's garden and my hammock trees are to the right and behind the house.  On the far right side of the picture is a banana tree.  Look closely and you can see a clump of bananas on the banana tree.  Just to the left of the banana tree is the dirt road that leads to the back of the property.  Head down that path and you'll pass another avocado tree, some coffee trees, the macadamia nut orchard and the back field of coffee before finally coming to a collapsed lava tube that is the boundary at the very back of our property.

From the porch, you can see a few houses in the distance.  The neighbors are close enough that you could walk to them in an emergency but far enough away that there's still plenty of privacy.  Other than the dogs, roosters and occasional farm equipment, the only other noise that we regularly hear from our neighbors is a Conch Shell horn.  One of the neighbors above us has a horn they blow almost every night around 8ish.  Sometime it's earlier, sometimes later, sometimes not at all.  I'm not sure why they blow it.  All I can figure is that it's kind of an interesting way to end the day.

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