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Bananas We got our first bunch of ripe bananas.  They were actually from one of the neighbor's farm.  Ours are almost ripe, maybe another couple weeks.  The neighbor, Manny, has a much larger banana grove.  He told me to help myself.  The bananas were too high to reach and I wasn't sure how to get them down.  Manny just pushed and pulled until the entire tree fell over.  Once established, banana trees grow like weeds so he always just knocks an entire tree over whenever he wants some bananas.

In the picture, I'm actually holding the bananas upside down.  The "flower" in my left hand hangs down while the bananas curve up towards the sky.  I was hoping fresh bananas would be something special but these were about the same as any banana you can buy at the grocery store.  Of course, these are free and we have more than we can possibly eat.

Valerie has been looking up recipes for bananas, avocados, papayas, banana splits, fruit smoothies and guacamole.  Some of the more exotic recipes are avocado pie (surprisingly good), banana toffee, Polynesian chicken (we have the papayas and oranges but we don't have our own chickens yet), papaya-avocado salad, papaya-pineapple jam and banana wine.  If you have a favorite recipe that uses bananas, avocados, papayas, pineapples, oranges, limes or, let's not forget, coffee or macadamia nuts, please send it to us.

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