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Warning!  This post is boring.

Nothing interesting happened today.  The day started at 6:30am when the alarm went off.  Valerie and the girls got ready for school while I had a bowl of cereal and checked my email.  When Valerie took the girls to school, she didn't take the dog who decided he had to chase the car down the driveway then go bother the neighbors.  Now we have a new rule that the dog has to be on his chain when we leave.

Before it got too hot, I spent a couple hours pulling weeds in one of the fields.  I quit a little after 9:30 which is when I'd normally get into work when I was a programmer.  After I took a quick shower, we headed into town to do some chores.  We still needed to get Hawaii license plates for the station wagon so the first stop was at a mechanic to get the safety check.  The turn signals worked fine.  The only thing "broken" is that we don't have Hawaii license plates which we can't get until we have a passing safety inspection which we can't pass because we don't have Hawaii license plates!  Don't you love bureaucracies?

After a trip to the vehicle registration office, we finally got our new license plates.  I didn't have a wrench with me so I'll have to install them another day and go back to the mechanic before we can get the required inspection sticker.

We took a break for lunch at Killer Tacos, an excellent little hole in the wall in the old industrial section of town.  They were showing an awesome surf video that I watched while eating my fish burrito.

After lunch, we went to WalMart.  I've lost 10 pounds since becoming a farmer and I needed some new shorts.  Valerie also needed some house stuff.

Kailua-Kona Panorama

The trip to Walmart was the highlight of the day.  After getting my new "skinny guy" shorts, I was in a good mood and took a minute to enjoy the view.  One of the best views in town is from the Walmart parking lot.  It was a pretty hazy day but I could still see quite a bit.  The cruise ship was in town today.  If you look closely at the large version of the picture, you can see two dots in the sky.  The high dot is a helicopter taking tourists for a ride.  The lower dot is a tourist going for a ride in a parachute being towed behind a boat.

After Walmart, we headed back over to the DMV for more fun.  I had been studying the driver's manual (which the DMV doesn't have, you have to buy a copy at the bookstore for $4.95 because the library doesn't have a copy either).  After filling out the proper form and waiting in line, the DMV lady said she needed my social security card in addition to my old driver's license.  Of course, the manual doesn't say this and I hadn't brought my social security card with me.

Hawaii doesn't require that you get a Hawaii driver's license.  The only real advantage of a Hawaii driver's license is that some of the stores give better prices to the locals than they do to tourists.  But I had had enough bureaucracy for one day and decided I'd rather pay tourists prices than spend any more time at the DMV.  So I'm going to keep my California driver's license until it expires in 2008.

By the time we finished with our chores in town, it was almost time to pick up the girls.  We had a few more minutes so I stopped at a local farm supply store on the way and talked to the salesman about all the shiny new equipment I want to buy.  $6500 for a pulper.  $600 for a large scale that is certified by the state inspector.  $80 for a smaller food scale.  $2000 for a huller.  $1500 for a little Mac nut husker.  The list goes on.

Pruning Valerie spent the remainder of the afternoon doing house chores and helping the girls with their homework.  She did get a little time to do some pruning.  One of the neighbors stopped by looking for his lost dogs.  We hadn't seen any wandering dogs.  That neighbor has some excavating and hauling equipment so I talked to him about some possible work I have for him.  He's busy now and I'm not ready yet anyways so I'll talk to him again in a couple weeks.

I had hoped to get some time to work in the field some more.  Instead, I spent the remainder of the afternoon working on the company logo and a shopping cart for the website.  If I can sell some coffee, then maybe I can afford some of that shiny farm equipment I want.

After dinner, I watched TV for an hour then sat down to write this.  Now it's after 10pm and time for bed.  See, I told you it was a boring day.  Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.

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