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Hanging Some of our bananas were finally ready to pick.  This little cluster of banana trees isn't very mature yet so we wanted to keep the large trunk even though we knew it would never produce another bunch of bananas.  No such luck.  Banana trees are very brittle.  A few little tugs and the whole thing fell right over.  Even worse, it fell right on top of the bananas, squishing several of them.  No big deal, there are still plenty good ones.  A rusty old machete I found in the field easily chopped the trunk into pieces small enough to move.

A large bunch of bananas like this is very heavy and messy.  I would have helped carry it but I was busy with the camera.  And I had to get a hook and some rope.  We had seen someone else who hung up their bananas and decided that was a good idea.  Hopefully hanging the bananas will help keep them safe from bugs and turkeys.  We had left the last bunch sitting on the porch and when we weren't looking Turkey Lurkey pecked holes in all the ripe bananas.  This time, we hung the bananas on the front porch where it will be easy to get at them.  Emily already knows which banana she wants to eat first.

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