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The bunny seems quite happy in his bunny hutch.  It's right outside Emily's bedroom door so she can remember to feed and give the bunny fresh water every day.  The hutch has several places for the bunny to hide.  We only have one bunny.  The other "bunny" hiding in the top of the cage is a ceramic one that Emily decided she needed to keep her bunny company.

Bunny I also built a portable cage so the bunny can hop around the yard without getting into trouble.  The bunny seems to really enjoy hopping around on the grass in the sun.  The idea was that we could put the bunny in his portable cage during the day then back in his hutch at night.  Emily was a bit worried about leaving her bunny outside unattended.  We finally convinced her that nothing would happen.

A few minutes after taking this picture, we had wandered off to do other things when we heard the dog barking.  He had discovered the bunny and was trying to dig him out.  I had purposely built the bunny cage strong enough to be dog proof and I'm happy to say that it withstood its first test.  Still, after putting the dog back on his leash, Emily decided she really wanted to put her bunny back in his normal hutch.  Maybe tomorrow we'll try it again.

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