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25 May 2005


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This is my new barn.  My brother built it (Thanks James!).  That's him standing in the "before" picture.  It only took him a couple hours to build the entire thing.  I took a few pictures of the build site, then I took my brother down to see my neighbor's barn and we took a few more pictures.  Then he used his magic computer to disassemble my neighbor's barn, move it around, change it's size and layout, then reassemble it where I want my barn.  All that's left to do now is figure out how to turn the computer picture into reality.

The picture is actually fairly accurate.  I may use a different color.  Or I may go with the same green.  I'll probably add some stairs leading from the rock wall by the cars up to the drying deck on top.  The large concrete "basement" will be my coffee storage room.  The middle floor will be my workshop, parking and storage for all the farm equipment.  The coffee pulper will go upstairs on the drying deck.  The back of the drying deck will be the same height as the hillside behind the barn.  It's difficult to see the hill in this picture but it's perfectly situated so I can drive right up to the top level of the barn to unload freshly picked coffee cherries, then drive down to the bottom of the barn where the dried coffee parchment will be stored after it's processed.  The coffee will go from the drying deck down to the storage room through a trap door and chute.

I plan to start actual construction of the barn as soon as I can get all the necessary blueprints, permits, materials and finances.  Hopefully that will be later this summer.  I'm sure I'll be posting more pictures as the project progresses.  It'll be interesting to see how the final product compares to the concept art.

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