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Wedding Ceremony

My little sister got married.  She had a beautiful wedding and she married a great guy.  I had the distinct honor of officiating the ceremony!  I'm not normally a preacher but thanks to the separation of church and state, I was able to get ordained especially for this occasion.  So if you have a wedding coming up soon and need an officiant, just let me know.

My sister's wedding was in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  For most people, that was a drive or a quick plane ride.  For us, it was an 18 hour trip involving several airports.  Living on an island in the middle of the Pacific does have its downsides.  We're glad we went though, we all had a wonderful time.

Rafting A couple days before the wedding, everyone went on a river rafting trip.  It was a fabulous way for all the guests of the bride and all the guests of the groom to get to know each other.  After risking your life in raging white waters in the middle of a thunderstorm complete with hail and a downpour, it's easy to feel a little more connected to your raft mates.  During the height of the storm, we paddled off to the side of the river where we could shiver in relative safety.  The hail didn't last long and we were soon on our way back down the river.  At the largest of the rapids, one of the rafts lost its guide overboard.  She swam safely ashore and was back in her raft in no time.  Although I heard that her little swim did cost her some money towards the guides' beer fund.

The wedding itself was held at a majestic hacienda with an excellent panoramic view.  The weather was perfect (no hail or thunderstorms on the wedding day).  The ceremony itself was beautiful.  My role as the officiant had been a closely guarded surprise.  Even as the wedding party starting walking down the aisle, some people were still wondering why I was standing up front and center.  During the ceremony, I was a little too focused on my lines to notice all the crying but afterwards everyone was full of praise and good words.  My sister deserves most of the credit for coming up with an excellent script.  All I did is make a few modifications, added some of my own "pearls of wisdom" and tried to speak clearly during the delivery.  Click here for a copy of the wedding script.

Rings Kiss Newlyweds

While we were having fun in Santa Fe, my in-laws had agreed to watch after the farm for us.  We don't have any livestock to feed but we certainly have plenty of pets that need constant attention.  My father-in-law even did some mowing, weed whacking and other chores while we were gone.  Too bad they couldn't stay longer.


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