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We're still hearing and seeing plenty of pigs.  The other morning the neighbor's dogs were barking far more than usual.  It was just past dawn and the darned dogs wouldn't shut up.  I finally went out to see what had them all worked up.  Not only was it a pig, it was eight pigs.  The pigs had been enjoying a hearty breakfast in our macadamia nut orchard.  As soon as I got close, they darted through the fence and ran off for better cover.  I had my camera with me but I wasn't fast enough to get any pictures.  There were two huge pigs, two medium sized pigs and four babies.  We're planning to harvest our macadamia nuts soon so fixing the electric fence was bumped to the top of my to-do list.

Broken Tree


The back field still has some rats but not nearly as many as it did.  The rat poison seemed to be the most effective anti-rat strategy.  Although I think the start of the rainy season had an even larger effect.  During the dry season the rats come to the coffee orchard for food.  When the rains start they can return to the jungle for their more preferred food.


The rats weren't all bad.  Even though the rats almost completely defoliated the tops of several rows of coffee trees, this didn't kill the trees it just made them real light on top.  Now those defoliated trees are recovering nicely and all the other trees are so top heavy with coffee cherries that they are bending over and sometimes breaking off.  Instead of battling the rats, now I'm battling gravity.  I try to use bamboo poles to prop up the heavy limbs that are threatening to break.  That only works until the wind knocks the tree over again.  Then I try to convince myself that there will still be plenty of coffee even if we lose a few limbs.

Bunny Outside New Bunny


Unfortunately Emily's pet bunny dug it's way out of it's outdoor cage and was discovered by Smokey the dog.  We had a little bunny funeral.  Then about a week later, at Emily's insistence, we got a new bunny.  The dogs now get chained up any time the bunny is let out for a brief romp in it's outdoor cage.

Missing Tooth


Emily lost her front tooth.  Not exactly a big deal unless you're six, then it's a very big deal.  After she lost her tooth we had to go to McDonald's to make sure she could still eat french fries.  You'll be happy to know that she didn't have any problems.

First Harvest

The first harvest won't really start until late August or September.  We have some ripe cherries now and Valerie spent a couple hours picking them.  She picked about 20 pounds.  Then she pulped them and laid them out on a drying rack in the greenhouse.  Now it's Sarah's job to stir them several times a day and check their moisture content to see when they're ready for storage.  Sarah has been helping with many of the other farm and house chores too.  Sometimes we call her Cinderella.  Maybe going back to school next week won't seem so bad.



Thank you everyone who has purchased coffee from us.  Your early orders really helped us work out the packaging and shipping process.  After an initial rush, the orders have slowed down but are still coming in at a steady rate.  We have plenty of coffee so feel free to keep those orders coming.  Step 1 was to grow the coffee.  Step 2 was to sell to friends and family.  We're getting much closer to Step 3 which is marketing our coffee to the rest of the world.  That's when all of you will be receiving some unsolicited email messages describing our wonderful coffee and asking you tell all your friends.  There may be a special offer or two involved as well.  If all goes as planned, we'll be ready for a busy Christmas season.

Coffee Cherry

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