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Sarah's Story


As you know, my name is Sarah.  I love cats and have three, one wild and two indoor.  I also have a dog and a bunny.  I live in a small house and have a big backyard.

Living on a coffee farm is fun.  I get to drive the tractor and the ATV.  There are also lots of wild animals like pigs, chickens and a lot more!  It is never quiet.  Sometimes it is hard because I miss my friend Mairead who lives in California.  But when I'm not busy I go on my computer and type to her.  I am making friends.  Sooner or later I might make a lot but not yet.  First I have to get used to not living in a town or city.  So I guess it is not like I thought it was going to be like.  It's funner.  How many kids get to live in Hawaii on a coffee farm on a hill?

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