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Brochure Display When not too busy with farm chores I will occasionally work as a window blinds installer.  I only work when the regular installer is too busy or on vacation.  A typical installation job takes about four hours, depending on how many windows there are.  A really large job for a new house with lots of windows can take two days.  A small job with only one or two windows can take as little as 15 minutes.  Plus the time required to load the truck, drive to the job site and dump the trash afterwards.

In addition to window blind and shutter installation, I've also done the occasional odd job.  I designed a brochure that was used at a Home & Garden show.  Then I built the display walls that were used at the show.  I think both turned out quite well.

Delivery My favorite installation jobs are in any of the condos near the beach.  They usually consist of a sliding door and maybe a half dozen windows.  The new condos are the best because there are no old curtains to take down and little or no furniture in the way.  Many of the condos are vacation homes or rentals so the owner is often not there.  Some owners are pickier than others.  Most are quite reasonable and happy to have their new window blinds installed.  Others will nitpick every little detail and nothing is ever good enough for them.  Installing in older houses can sometimes be messy and crowded.  It's difficult to work when I can't even find a clean spot on the floor.

If I only have one or two small installation jobs in a day and everything goes smoothly then I can usually find time to swing by the beach on the way home.  That's excellent incentive for me to get the job done quickly.  20 minutes at the beach is all I need.  I'm smart enough to bring my bathing suit with me but I always forget a towel so I have to ride home wet.  That's ok, it's worth it.


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