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It would be nice if the coffee and the macadamia nuts ripened at different times of the year, but they don't.  They both reach the peak of their seasons at about the same time.  That is why this post is a little late.  The past couple weeks have been crazy busy.

My day started at 5:30am when the macadamia nut pickers showed up.  I had already prepared most of the macadamia nut orchard so all I had to do is give the picking crew some bags and show them where to start.  I came in for a quick breakfast before heading right back out to meet the coffee pickers and get them started too.  Two separate crews with a total of 11 people.  That's a lot of activity for a small family farm.

I spent the majority of the morning blowing the leaves out of the rest of the macadamia nut orchard so the mac nut pickers could get at the macadamia nuts.  The macadamia nuts drop to the ground when they're ripe.  Removing the leaves allows the pickers can find the nuts.  I was interrupted from blowing the leaves when a delivery truck arrived with the rebar for my barn.  No time to work on the barn now.  The rebar will probably sit where it was dumped for the next few weeks.  I want back to work in the mac nut orchard and finished just in time for lunch.

My lunch break was interrupted (not the eating part, that only lasts a few minutes, it's the resting part afterwards that was interrupted) when a neighbor dropped by to see if I could help get his weed whacker started.  We spent about a half hour fiddling with it before deciding it needed the care of an expert.  The mail lady showed up with the rest of the parts for my mower so while I had my tools out I decided to finish working on that.  I had previously ordered new J pins for the mower lift arm.  The geniuses at the parts place sent me J pins just like I asked but hadn't bothered to send the springs, washers or cotter pins that hold the J pins in place.  Now that I finally had all the correct parts, it only took a few minutes to put the mower back together.  Unfortunately, no time to mow today, it was time to go start pulling bags of macadamia nuts out of the orchard.

If you remember from a previous post, I broke my ATV trailer.  That means that this time the bags had to be hauled out in smaller loads.  Any bag near the fence was carried out by hand.  Bags that were further in were hauled out a few at a time on the ATV.  There were 53 bags total, a somewhat light harvest because the pigs had been getting into the orchard and eating the nuts.  Still, hauling 53 bags took several hours and several hundred calories.  My neighbor with the weed whacker has a welder, I should talk to him about fixing my ATV trailer.

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