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Mower Garden Helper Emily is a very busy little girl.  In addition to caring for all of her pets, she works in the garden growing fruits and vegetables for the family.  When the grass gets long, Emily climbs on the mower and mows all the fields.  It's a little difficult for her to reach the pedals so she has to sit way forward on the seat.

Computer Kindergarten Plumeria
Daddy takes all the credit but it's actually Emily that does all the website development.  That's not a computer game you see on the screen, it's a highly advanced programming tool.  Emily learned how to program while attending Kindergarten.  That was last year.  This year she's in first grade and she's learning more advanced subjects like reading and writing.  Of course Emily never lets her farm chores, computer programming or school work get in the way of looking beautiful.

Move mouse over image to see wave.
When Emily grows up, she plans to be a swimming teacher.  She practices swimming whenever she has the chance.  Hawaii is the perfect place.  Sometimes the waves can get a little too big but there are other beaches that are more sheltered.  A nice quiet bay is the perfect place to give Mommy a quick swimming lesson while looking at all the colorful fish.

Soccer Player Soccer Team
Soccer Game Soccer Tropy
This year Emily played on a soccer team for the first time ever.  Emily really enjoys soccer and she takes it quite seriously.  Her team came in second place in every game they played.  Emily is especially good at being goalie.  At the end of the season, the really good players got a special trophy.

Lava Flow Sleeping

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