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Balcony Valerie and I took a honeymoon vacation to Hawaii.  Well, it wasn't actually our honeymoon, it was our fifteenth wedding anniversary.  Actually, our anniversary isn't until next month.  But we did take a vacation to Hawaii.  Even though we live here it's still a great place to go on vacation.

A good friend of ours had a meeting in Honolulu so we decided to take a vacation and fly over to Oahu.  We ditched the kids with Grandma and booked a hotel in Waikiki.  Being poor farmers we didn't want to spend a bundle on our Hawaii vacation.  The airfare was only $55 each way, much cheaper than flying from the mainland.  Many hotels give discounts to locals but hotels in Waikiki can still be several hundred dollars per night.  We stayed at a hotel that was a couple streets back from the beach and hence less expensive.

Kona Blend Light switch Our hotel was definitely bargain basement.  It was so cheap, it didn't even have a light switch.  There was a light switch plate but no switch.  Maybe the hotel was trying to save electricity.  We finally managed to find a light and turn it on but only after some stumbling around in the dark.  Then we discovered undisputable evidence that this was a low class hotel:  10% Kona Blend coffee.  Yuck!  That Kona blend stuff is way too low class for us.  So we turned the lights back off and decided to enjoy the good view from the balcony.

Tourists Waikiki is possibly the world's most famous beach.  With its long sandy beaches and gentle ocean swells it's the perfect place for laying in the sun and playing in the waves.  I almost rented a surfboard but by the time we finished exploring the downtown area we decided we'd rather sit in the shade and have some tropical drinks.

We enjoyed our Hawaii vacation.  But we're also glad to be back home in Hawaii.  We're glad this island doesn't have any freeways or crowded sidewalks or hour long waits at our favorite restaurants.

Gas Gauge We did learn something while on our vacation.  Have you ever gone to a gas station and not known what side of the pump to drive up to?  Especially when in a rental car it's difficult to remember which side of the car the gas tank is on.  Thanks to our friend's wife, we now know that most cars have a little arrow on the gas gauge.  Sure enough, when I got home I checked both of our cars and they do indeed have arrows.  Now it seems so obvious that I'm surprised I never noticed it before.  I'll never again have to guess which side of the gas pump to pull up to.

Top Trolley

Top Trolley On an unrelated note, my brother recently made a fun video about the "Need for Speed" as a VTA lightrail operator.  It's a Top Gun parody.  It's always interesting to see what video my brother is going to create next.  Usually he directs and acts.  In this video his friends are the actors  You can still see my brother but you have to watch closely, he's the stuntman that is "too close" on the platform.
3 minutes, 4 seconds

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