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First Annual Kona Earth Trivia Challenge

Last week's post was a list of questions about our website, our coffee and our lives on the farm.  Originally we had planned to give away coffee to anybody that got all the questions correct.  Out of fear of giving away too much coffee, we decided we should maybe give away coffee to just the first person or maybe the first 10 people that got 100%.  We also made some of the questions extra difficult.  A little too difficult.  As it turns out, nobody managed to get all the questions correct.  In fact most people got more than half the questions wrong.  The highest score was by Valerie's parents who admittedly get inside information from time to time.  Next year, for the Second Annual Kona Earth Trivia Challenge, we'll have to think of easier questions.  Or maybe just give away a really good prize.

If you have not taken the First Annual Kona Earth Trivia Challenge, then you should probably do that before looking at the answers.

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