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Two Pigs

Hunting It's usually about once a month, about an hour before sunset, on the Friday or Saturday night closest to the full moon.  That's when I can expect the local pig hunters to drop by.  Pigs can be active at any time of day but late in the evening is usually the best time.  If a pig is caught then there are several more hours of hard work that need to get done so a full moon is helpful.

If you missed my previous post about the Hawaiian feral pigs, you can find it here.  It goes into more detail about the feral pigs and the problems they cause.

When I have time, I like to walk up to the back field with the hunters and their dogs.  Most of the time it's nothing but a walk around the property.  If I didn't know better I'd think the dogs were just going for a walk in the park.  They act like nothing is going on until they smell a pig then they suddenly switch into hunting mode and all the excitement begins.

I have pictures of the latest pig hunt.  Be warned that these pictures may not be suitable for everyone.  Valerie described these pictures as "harsh reality".  There were two pigs caught and the pictures are not shy about showing the graphic details.  If you would prefer to not read about killing and skinning pigs then may I recommend some pictures of beautiful princesses.  If you don't mind the sight of pig blood, then click here.

Hunting hound

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