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Free Labor
23 April 2006

Late winter and early spring time is a great time to visit Hawaii.  Winter on the mainland is usually starting to get a little tedious, the perfect time to go visit the beach in Hawaii.  There is definitely a surge in the local population this time of year.  We've had plenty of visitors this spring too.  Since February, we've had more days with visitors than without.  It's been great.  We love all the company. That's one of the benefits of living in a place like Hawaii, people are usually happy to come visit.

If you plan to visit the Big Island, please come on by for a visit.  We're always happy to make time for a quick farm tour if nothing else.  But be warned, we definitely have a habit of trying to get our visitors to help out around the farm.  Even if it's not harvest season, there is still always plenty of work that needs to get done.

Rocks Stirring

I felt like Tom Sawyer when I convinced Tom, Silvia, Emily and Matthew to help pick up rocks.  We managed to finish the two worst rows before the rain got too heavy.  It may seem like a menial work but it was actually quite helpful.  The rocks are really rough on my mower so removing them helps reduce the amount of mower repair required.  Additionally, having a ready supply of loose rocks comes in very handy when doing things like filling sink holes, fixing driveway pot holes or building rock walls.

Another favorite trick of ours is to get visitors to help stir the drying coffee.  After pulping, the wet coffee is put out in the sun to dry.  It's important to stir the coffee continuously so it dries evenly and doesn't get moldy.  Compared to stirring all that coffee alone, having a group of people to help stir makes the chore relatively painless.

Fertilizing Fertilizing is one of the messier chores that requires some serious physical exertion.  So far I've only managed to convince my brother and father to help with the fertilizing.  If I hired out the job, it would cost me a couple hundred dollars.  But shhhh, don't tell them, they did it for free.

My Uncle Les actually volunteered to come out for two weeks just to help with the barn construction.  Building the barn has been taking a lot of my time recently.  Not many people enjoy digging foundations or pouring concrete but building a rock wall turns out to be not so bad, at least for the first hour or so.  The barn wall facing the driveway is actually built out of concrete block but it has a rock wall veneer.  I used the tractor to make a pile of rocks (the same ones that had been previously pulled out of the field) and I mixed the cement but I actually built very little of that wall.  Somehow, between all our visitors, the rock wall seems to have built itself.  Thanks everyone!  It looks great!

So remember, if you're ever on the Big Island you should feel free to schedule a farm visit into your itinerary.  We promise we won't work you too hard.

Wall Avocados

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