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Sarah's Two Announcements

Kia Sarah Kis Sarah 2
Kia Emily Kia

Aloha!  This is Sarah(again).  This week's post is a couple days old so don't expect all of this to have happened this week or yesterday or something like that!  I have two things to tell you in one post.  Do you think I can do it?  Well, I'll try!

First of all I want to announce a new member of the family!  She is small and cute but funny and annoying at the same time!  Who is it?  It is Kia (key a) our puppy of course!  Kia means Spike in Hawaiian.  She is gold with brown eyes and cute, floppy puppy ears.  She chews on EVERYTHING!  She sleeps in my bed by my feet.  Mom says I am lucky and that the puppy loves me best.  Kea's favorite toys are any type of clothing, socks, Mcdonald's stuffed animals, and a squeaky frog she ripped 3 feet off of!  She also loves eating Teela our other dog's dog food!

Power lines Lei Day, Sarah
Click to watch Sarah dancing. (49MB)

My secound anouncement is KITTY!  Not really!  Just kidding!  The real second announcement is Lei Day!  Yes Lei Day!  The day when all of Konawaena's students get together and dance to celebrate the Old Hawaiians.  Each grade does their own dance.  Emily's grade (1st grade) did "Ole Ole".  All the 5th graders did "Were All In This Together" from  High School Musical..  I think we both did fabulous!  As every one who knows me probably knows, I love dancing!  I was in the front row!  I don't know about anyone else but I had fun and think it was beautiful.  Everyone did great!

Oops!  Gotta go!  And when I am gone may I suggest some Kona Earth 100% Kona coffee?  Or maybe buy a gift basket for friends or family?

Ok I did it, I wrote two posts in one!  And YOU THOUGHT I COULDN'T!

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