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Mower Deck

Cutting grass Broken grass The new mower deck finally arrived!  No more belt-and-pulley game!  I'm so excited!

I originally ordered the mower deck six months ago.  Shipping to the island takes a long time but not that long.  When I called back to ask where the mower deck was I discovered that it had never been ordered.  Somehow the paperwork had been lost.  I managed to get an extra discount on the mower in exchange for my patience.  That only partially made up for the months of frustration dealing with the old mower deck.  For every couple hours of mowing I spent another hour fixing, bending and welding the deck back into shape.

When the new mower deck finally arrived I hustled down to pick it up.  It's so nice and shiny!  It's bright and yellow and clean and not bent at all!  I almost didn't want to use it because that would mean getting it dirty or worse, maybe even scraped or dented.  But I definitely didn't want to wrestle with the old deck any more and the grass desperately needed mowing.  So I spent an hour with my grease gun lubricating all the joints then another hour leveling and adjusting the new deck.

Mowing Finally the big moment came.  I found a nice flat spot with some tall grass but not too tall then I pulled the knob to activate the blades ... no clanging, no grinding, no belts jumping off the pulleys, no welds vibrating loose!  The blades came right up to speed without complaint, leaving a beautifully smooth swath of cut grass in their wake.

See how nice and level the cut grass is now?  After my first few swipes I had to run inside and get Valerie to come out and take some pictures.  It's so nice and green it's almost magical looking.  Now all we need are some leprechauns and unicorns running around.  Or at least some golfers driving around in white golf carts.

I know that most people don't get this excited about a lawn mower.  You have to understand that our lawn is no ordinary plot of turf.  It takes two days of mowing to cover the entire place and during the rainy season it needs to be mowed again every few weeks.  Having a mower deck that works properly is well worth the $1000 it cost.  The diesel tractor that drives the mower deck still has some issues but that's nothing compared to the problems the mower deck was causing.  Overall I'm happy enough that I almost want the grass to grow faster.  Almost.

Update:  I knew the shiny new mower deck wouldn't last long.  It didn't even make it all the way around the property once before finding a nice rock to chew on.  This rock was just the right size to jam itself tightly between the mower blades and deck.  It brought the 22hp diesel to an instant stop and getting it out required a trip back to the barn to get the sledge hammer.  The center mower blade is slightly bent but still functional.  It's amazing how beat up all the blades are already.  If you're ever reincarnated, don't come back as a mower blade on a Kona coffee farm.

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