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Busy Week


Volcano Last week was the first time we missed a post.  I have three excuses:  1) we had house guests  2) our website experienced some difficulties  3) we went to our first coffee cupping.

Valerie's parents were our visitors.  It's great having them visit because not only do we get to play tourist with them but we also got some free labor out of them.  Valerie's mother helped watch the kids while Valerie's father helped me dig a ditch.  He didn't have the proper boots or work pants but I didn't let that get in the way, I simply loaned him the boots, pants and a belt to hold them up.

Coupon The second challenge of the week was with the website.  Many months ago we printed business cards that also act as a coffee coupon.  Until now it has worked fine, we'd give out the occasional free sample of coffee and in exchanged we'd get the occasional new customer.

Then last week one of the "freebie" websites posted a link to our coffee coupon.  From there is quickly spread to all the other freebie websites that do nothing but post links to other people's discount offers.  Within hours we had a flood of new users all asking for free samples.  As a small family farm there is no way we could fill all those free samples.  The free publicity might be nice except that we were totally unprepared for it.  We did receive some new orders from the deluge so it's not all bad.

Tents The third item keeping us busy was the annual Cream of the Crop cupping at one of the local resorts.  Including Kona Earth, there were 21 different coffee farms.  This was our first opportunity to meet with the public in general.  It was good to see that there are so many coffee lovers out there.  Our coffee received lots of compliments and we even sold some.  I think the experience makes up for all the hard work we did getting ready for the event.  Valerie made some desserts to go with our coffee samples and everyone loved them so much we may add them on our website.  One visitor admitted she'd pay $3 a piece for Valerie's coconut diamond bars.

Now that all the excitement is over, it's back to business as usual.  There are fields to be mowed, trees to be cared for and a barn to be built.

Kona Earth

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