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geocaching Geocaching I talked about Geocaching in a previous post.  It's been great fun here on the island because it has helped us discover all sorts of neat places we may never have found otherwise.  While geocaching our GPS has led us to an amazing "secret" volcano crater which was in the middle of the national park but totally unmarked.  We've been to a spooky forest high up on the mountain.  We've found lots and lots of lava caves.  Of course we've also done plenty of hiking.

Most of the caches on the island are fairly easy to find.  There are lots of park-n-grabs were you simply drive to the correct GPS coordinates, park the car, then hunt around a little bit until you find the geocache.  The easy geocaches are fun but every once in awhile I wish there was something a bit more challenging.  Being stuck on an island, there's a fairly limited number of geocaches here.  We haven't visited them all yet but we've visited all the nearby ones and all the ones that sounded real interesting.

Ocean Then the other day I was playing with Google Earth and the geocache website when I discovered a brand new five star (most difficult) geocache.  It hadn't been found by anybody else yet.  Being the first to log a geocache is somewhat of an honor.  I wanted to drop everything and go find it right that instant but it was already after dark and the geocache was about a two hour drive away down a long four-wheel drive road I had never been on.  I figured I should probably wait until daylight.

We didn't get a chance to make the trip until the weekend rolled around.  I checked the geocache site one more time to make sure our target hadn't been logged yet then we packed our bathing suits, stuff for a picnic, the GPS and headed out.  It was indeed a long and bumpy ride but once we made it there the geocache was relatively easy to find.   We were the first to sign the logbook!  A bit of an anticlimactic ending.  I guess you'd have to be a geocache nerd to really appreciate it.  It was a terrific beach though.  You can drive your vehicle right onto the beach and camp.  No fees, no parking lots, no rangers with 1001 rules, nothing but a handful of friendly locals around.  On a weekday I bet the place is empty.  There certainly aren't many places like this left.

The road down to the geocache was long and bumpy but I don't know if I'd call it a five star difficulty rating.  I'd give it four stars at most.  I guess it's up to me to create a real five star geocache.  One of our neighbors is going hunting next weekend and I may tag along with my camera.  We're going to go way up the mountain.  Maybe I should bring some stuff to make a geocache up there.  That would certainly qualify as five stars in difficulty.


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