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No More Television

No TV We cancelled our television service.  We decided it was too much money and too much time.  We'd rather spend the money on more important things and there is plenty of farm work to keep everyone busy.  We do still have a couple drawers full of videos and we may start a subscription to NetFlix if our withdrawals get too bad.

When we cancelled our Direct TV service we thought we'd at least get until the end of the month we had already paid for.  Nope, it was turned off instantly.  It took far longer for the Direct TV customer service lady to try to talk me out of it than it did for her to disable the receiver box.  If we had known ahead of time that the signal was going to be cut off instantly we would have recorded all our favorite shows for a couple weeks to help with the transition.  The girls had some old cartoons recorded but that was about it.  We pretty much gave up TV cold turkey.

Here's a list of things to do when you don't have a TV:

NASA TV Watch TV anyways:  The free channels still work.  Unfortunately the only free channels are the "Subscribe to Dish Network" channel and the NASA channel.  The girls like to watch TV when they first wake up in the morning.  They've watched and rewatched all their recorded cartoons.  The other morning Emily spent an hour or so watching the NASA channel.

Computer Play on the computer:  We still have Internet service and we let the girls play computer games.  I was working on the website when I noticed that the Internet connection was horribly slow.  I went in the other room and discovered that the girls had figured out how to watch the Disney channel over the Internet.  I have no problem with them watching TV over the Internet, in fact I think they were clever to figure it out, but I did request that they paused until I finished my upload.

Garden Helpers Water
Farm chores:  The girls are more willing to help with farm chores now that there's no TV.  Taking care of the animals and weeding the garden almost qualify as entertainment.  Helping Mommy plant all the baby coffee trees was somewhat fun and really made the job go faster.

Goats Decorate:  One afternoon I had been ripping out some plants that were in the way of the barn construction.  I got all the big stuff out with the tractor but the little stuff was left behind.  The girls decided to pick up all the scraps and decorate the goat cage.  The goats and baby lamb were out in the macadamia nut orchard so they didn't see their surprise until they came in that evening.  The animals seemed to really like the new decor and got right to work eating it.

Skate Skate Roller-skate:  Emily has a pair of roller-skates that she purchased with her own money.  There aren't too many places for roller-skates on the farm but that doesn't slow Emily down.  She likes to do laps around the house on the lanai.  When that gets old, she'll go out to the barn and roll around in the basement.  When that gets old, she'll set off cross country.  Of course the going is a bit slow but the laughing and giggling never stops.

Dog Tricks Play with the dogs:  The new puppy always wants to play.  Like all puppies, she loves to run around and chew on things  Sarah has been trying to teach her some commands.  Of course once the dog treats come out, Teela wants to play too.  That's ok because Teela already knows lots of dog tricks so she helps show Kia what to do.  Maybe Teela will learn something new too.

Run in the Rain Jump in the Rain Play in the rain:  Out of all the fun outdoor activities, running around in the rain is one of the favorites.  After a couple weeks of hot, sunny weather, a cool rain shower was quite welcome.  Somehow a nice rain can make jumping up and down on a pallet in the goat cage seem like great entertainment.  Who needs TV when there are puddles to jump in.


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