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Barn Door

I drew fairly thorough plans before beginning construction on the barn.  The plans were approved by an architect and the county building departments (health, fire, engineering, etc.)  The barn construction has followed the plans as much as possible.  What the plans don't show are little details like style of siding, doors and windows.

One such detail is the storage room door.  The storage room, or basement, is where all the coffee parchment will be stored.  It's a tightly sealed room that is well insulated to keep an exact temperature and humidity inside.  Security is also an issue.  It may not seem like much but a single bag of coffee can be worth several hundred dollars.  Multiply that by an entire storage room full of bags and you'll see why farm theft is a real issue around here.

In addition to being functional, I want a door that looks cool.  I'm thinking along the lines of Bilbo Baggins' round hobbit door or maybe a giant bank vault door or a super heavy-duty castle dungeon door.  Space ships probably have cool doors.  Some cathedrals have cool doors.  I'd suggest a more tropical themed bamboo door but it needs to be sturdy and lockable.  The steel doors from the back of a semi-truck trailer would certainly be sturdy enough.

Maybe I should make a secret door.  I could build a fake wardrobe around the door just like the one that leads to Narnia.  The more traditional sliding bookcase won't work because it will be outside but I could disguise the door behind sliding shelves with lots of farm junk stacked on them.  I could simply run the siding across the door as if the door wasn't even there.

Eventually the door will probably be under a carport style roof so things like an ivy covered door or giant stone archways won't work.  A good enough paint job might be able to simulate the ivy or archway.  Of course design can't get in the way of function either.  I will be moving large, heavy loads in and out of the door so it will need plenty of clearance and not be too difficult to operate.

The door opening is six feet wide and seven feet tall.  I could install plain old exterior doors but that would be way too boring.  I built the entire barn myself, I think I should be able to build some cool doors to go with it.  All I need is a really cool idea.  So email your ideas to , or better yet, send some pictures or sketches.  In the mean time, I'll get back to work finishing up all the other, less artistic parts of the barn.

Wooden Door Hobbit Door Narnia Door Space Ship Door Cathedral Door Game Door Bushes Door Grate Door Green Mile Door Jail Door Castle Door

Two more idea.  I think I'll go with the one on the left.
Door1 Door2

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