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Final footings
19 August 2006


I finally poured the last few footings for the barn.  These footings couldn't be poured sooner because I had to dig the trench for the electric lines first.  Now that the trench has been inspected and backfilled, I was finally able to prepare the area for the foundation.

After getting the forms in place I measured carefully and calculated exactly how much concrete I'd need:  0.83 cubic yards.  That's an awkward amount because it's too small for a cement truck (five yard minimum) but still too large to easily pour by hand.  0.83 yards may not sound like much until you realize that it's seven, 100 pound bags of cement mixed with another 2100 pounds of sand and gravel.  I had to shovel all that by hand.  It took me over six hours and required fifteen full mixer loads, very tiring.

It was a lot of work but everything went as planned.  It's nice to have these footings finally poured because they were holding up everything else.  Now I can finish the wall framing which means I can finish the upper floor decking which will allow the electrical wiring to be installed and the siding to be installed and the upper deck to be built and the roof to be put on.  It will be nice to finally have a roof.

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