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Digital Photography

Digital photography is great because you can take as many pictures as you want, see them instantly, and they're all free.  We occasionally give the camera to the kids and tell them to go take pictures of anything they want.  It keeps them busy for awhile and it's fun to see what pictures they take.

After an hour or so of giggling, the girls came back with a camera full of pictures.  We sat down to look through them together and chose some that we liked.  Then I printed several of the pictures and had the girls write some comments about each picture.  Entertaining and educational.

Leaves There are tons of weeds around this coffee tree but no coffee yet.  There will be coffee some day.  Coffee trees are hard work.  Here is a list of things you need to do to have a strong coffee tree:
  - pick it's coffee
  - take off the extra branches
  - weed
Tree This is a tree by the macadamia nut field.  It has tons and tons of pretty flowers.  It's really hard to climb.
Leaves The weeds are very annoying.  They take over the plants and if you pick them they grow right back.  Sometimes they get stuck to you.  Very annoying.  A note to Mom, it's time to weed the garden again.
Barn This is called a BARN EXPLOSION!  But don't worry, the mess will be picked up.  Uhh... maybe.  The barn used to be really small but now it's really big with lots of wood.  It's almost to the ceiling and has two rooms.
Chickens CHICKENS!  Our chickens are funny.  We have nine chickens.  They are are scared of people and they run really fast so they're hard to catch.  Sometimes you can pet them but they're not very soft.
Bunny Fuzzy Bunny!  His name is Fuzz.  Fuzz is really soft and fuzzy and he has glowing red eyes.  Cute but evil, just like Bunnicula.  His nose twitches all the time.  We also have a bunny named Pearl.
Emily Mmm!  Kona Earth coffee!  Good for any occasion!  Even Twister!  Also good for taking pictures with annoying little sisters and dogs too.
Sarah I love animals!  Especially kitties!  But sometimes not goats or dogs.  Puppies are good but not when they chase the cats.  The cats run and hide so we don't have to worry about it too much.  It's good to have a puppy to hug sometimes.
Water This is also part of the barn.  This is a little cleaner but still dirty from the BARN EXPLOSION!  When it rains the inside of the barn gets all wet.  We have to sweep all the water out.  Hopefully the barn will have a roof soon.
Sheep Recently our neighbors put some sheep in their top field.  The sheep haven't been there that long.  They love to eat weeds.  We also have a little boy sheep named Baby.  Maybe some day Baby will go live with the neighbor's sheep.
Weeds We put the goats in the macadamia nut field so they can keep the weeds down.  The fence wasn't keeping our goats in so my Dad had to move the fence.  And look at those weeds!  Uh Oh!  Here come the goats, RUN!

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