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What Is It?

As city slicker turned Kona coffee farmer, there was definitely a learning curve I had to go through.  Before moving to the farm I spent a lot of time learning everything I could about coffee farming.  There is a lot of literature on the subject, everything from simple pamphlets to college text books.  I also talked to everyone I could.  Any time I saw another coffee farmer out in his field, I'd invite myself over and start barraging him with questions.  Most farmers are quite happy to help.  After all, there is a bigger demand for Kona coffee than supply, so Kona coffee farmers are better off cooperating than competing with each other.

Even with all my preparation, there was still a lot I had to learn on the job.  There are plenty of odd little things you just can't learn from a book.  For example, always assume the electric fence is on.  You might think that goes without saying yet it's not as obvious as it seems.  Learning the best way to free the mower after getting it stuck in a hole is still something I practice occasionally.  And how to not loose the trailer hitch pin, that's something I think I'll never figure out.

There is a lot to learn on a Kona coffee farm.  Everybody knows what a tractor looks like but can you point to a tractor's PTO?  Can you tell a three point hitch from a class IV ball hitch?  What does a pineapple plant look like?  What does a coffee pulper look like?  If you were asked to fetch the moisture meter, would you know what to look for?

Here is a short quiz to test your coffee farming knowledge.  For each picture, choose the most likely answer.  All Kona coffee farmers should be able to score 100%.  City slickers will probably score significantly lower.

What Is It?
Q1 Mystery Item #1:
Chicken Feeder
Chicken Waterer
Chicken Egg holder
Chicken Training Device
Q2 Mystery Item #2:
Coffee Pulper
Hay Thresher
Lawn Mower
Rock Crusher
Q3 Mystery Item #3:
Avocado Rake
Parchment Rake
Weed puller
Crop Circle Maker
Q4 Mystery Item #4:
Grain Silo
Water Tank
Fermentation Tank
Coffee Storage
Q5 Mystery Item #5:
Coffee Ripeness Meter
Electric Thermometer
Moisture Meter
Electric Fence Meter
Q6 Mystery Item #6:
Electric Fence Parts
Spare Tractor Parts
Silo Repair Parts
Coffee Pulper Parts
Q7 Mystery Item #7:
Electric Fence Meter
Tractor Hitch Tensioner
Chainsaw Sharpener
Coffee Pulper Sharpener
Q8 Mystery Item #8:
Coffee Pulper
Burlap Bag Washer
Avocado Peeler
Giant Cheese Grater
Q9 Mystery Item #9:
Avocado Washer
Burlap Bag Washer
Hampster Wheel
Q10 Mystery Item #10:
Hawaiian Butterfly Net
Fermentation Tank Cleaner
Avocado Picker
Coffee Picker
Q11 Mystery Item #11:
Avocado Weighing Bucket
Flower Gathering Bucket
Goat Feed Bucket
Coffee Picking Bucket
Q12 Mystery Item #12:
Q13 Mystery Item #13:
Top Soil
Chicken Feed
Q14 Mystery Item #14:
Fence Post Puller and Hammer
Irrigation Pipe Bender and Straightener
Rock Crushers
Macadamia Nut Crackers

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