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Barn Roof
17 December 2006


Rake The barn's roof is finally done!  It is completely water-tight and ready for drying coffee.  In fact, we already have it full of freshly milled coffee parchment.  With no stairs built yet the wet parchment had to be hauled up a ladder one bucket at a time but that is worth the effort.  Last year we dried all the coffee on little screens.  Stirring by hand on those little screens could take nearly an hour with one person and stirring has to be done several times a day.  Having a drying deck is much easier.  With the new home-made rake, stirring is easy enough that even Emily can do it.  Don't tell her it's work because right now she still thinks it's fun.  She even showed her friend how to stir the coffee.

Depending on the weather, it takes about a week for the coffee to dry.  Eventually there will be a trap door so the dried coffee can be swept directly into a chute that leads to the basement where it will be bagged and stored.  For now the coffee will have to be hauled down using the bucket and ladder method again.  That's still not a problem compared to having to stir on those darned screens.

Besides having a nice place to dry the coffee it is also a huge relief to have a dry place to store all my tools and equipment.  It's kind of bad timing that I finally got the roof on just in time for the dry season.  It seemed to rain every single day while trying to get the roof trusses painted.  It had become part of the daily ritual to sweep the pools of water out of the barn's basement.  Now that the roof is on we probably won't get any significant rain until spring.  I want a torrential downpour so I can stand under the roof and laugh.

With only a couple white fluffy clouds in the sky, I took advantage of the clear weather to climb up on the roof and enjoy the view.  I can see quite a bit of ocean from up there.  It makes me want to take a break and go swimming.


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