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2006 Highlights
31 December 2006

To help commemorate the last day of 2006, we thought it would be nice to write a brief recap of our year here on the Kona coffee farm in Hawaii.  Since many of you keep up with us by reading the weekly postings here, there's not a whole lot to say that wasn't already written about.  Instead, for those of you that may have missed a post or two, we got together as a family and chose some of our favorite and least favorite highlights.  Here's the list from best to worst.

1) Visitors!- Without question, our favorite times are when friends and family were visiting.  It was great to have so much help on the farm but it was even better to have so many wonderful excuses to go play and enjoy everyone's company.

Jack James Papa Hart
Kia 2) Kia - Officially, an Hawaiian Poi Dog is an extinct breed of dog raised by the native Hawaiians.  Unofficially, poi dog is Hawaiian slang for mutt.  Our poi dog was given to us after being rescued by a neighbor down the street.  We named her Kia and she has since become an important part of our family.
Barn 3) Barn Roof - It has been over a year's worth of hard work and construction isn't quite done yet, but having a roof on the barn is definitely a significant milestone.  Not only is there a place to store all the equipment, but we can now sun dry the coffee on the drying deck.
Geocaching Manuka Exploring
4) Geocaching - We first discovered geocaching a year ago and we've enjoyed it ever since.  With the help of our handheld GPS, we have discovered all sorts of places on the island that we never would have found otherwise.  From secret lava tubes to isolated beaches, geocaching has taken us all over this island.
Eggs Chickens 5) Chickens - This is firmly in the middle of the list because on one hand, chickens are a lot of fun and the fresh eggs are great but on the other hand feeding and cleaning the chickens sure is a lot of work.
Busy Chores 6) Keeping Busy - Living and working on a Kona coffee farm means life is filled with an endless stream of chores.  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming but it can also be satisfying to look back and see all that we've accomplished.
TV 7) No more TV - When we first decided to cancel our satellite television service, the girls weren't sure if they'd make it.  Now, several months later, they still miss it some but it's not too bad.
Earthquake Hurricane 8) Hurricane and Earthquake - First we were threatened by Hurricane Daniel then we were shaken by a large earthquake.  Hopefully next year we won't be writing about tsunamis and volcano eruptions.
Deck Mower 9) Mower Troubles - From broken welds to hydraulic leaks, keeping all the farm equipment running can be a daunting task.
Not this Billy.
But this Billy.
10) Losing Billy - The neighbors found a wild baby goat that had been abandoned by its mother.  Losing that baby goat was heartbreaking but now we have three times the love.

We all wish everyone a Happy New Year and a great 2007!

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