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7 January 2007


Mud Valerie and I took a brief Christmas vacation (without the kids) to Kauai, the Garden Isle.  If you ever go to Kauai, or anywhere in Hawaii, we recommend the guide books from wizardpub.com.  There are plenty of books about Hawaii but these are the best.  Between the book and geocaching, we could have stayed busy for a couple weeks.  Unfortunately we only had three days.

Many visitors, after a long flight from the mainland, arrive in Kauai ready to check in to their resort and lay on the beach for the rest of the day.  Our flight was much shorter and we decided the beaches could wait.  We arrived early in the morning, rented a Jeep and headed off in search of our first geocache.  We geocached for the majority of the day while touring the island and exploring Waimea canyon.

Beach Besides the sweeping vistas and amazing waterfalls, we were also struck by how much dirt Kauai has.  I guess we've grown accustomed to the lava rock of the Big Island.  Being an older island, the jungles of Kauai have had more time to make dirt.  Sticky, muddy, red dirt that gets everywhere and is horribly slippery after a rain.  We were hiking to a "secret" waterfall in the jungle when we decided we had to turn back because the trail was too steep and muddy.

Kayak Age has also given Kauai plenty of time to develop beautiful sandy beaches.  On the west side of the island the sand stretches 300 feet across with 100 foot sand dunes.  You could hike along the sand for 20 miles and hardly see any other people.  We drove our Jeep right onto the beach.  There are no protective reefs and the surf was 8-10 feet the day we were there so the strong rip currents kept us out of the water.  That's ok, we have plenty of time for beaches back home.  Snorkeling is generally better on the Big Island anyways.

Instead of swimming at the beach, we rented a kayak and paddled up the Wailua river.  Valerie's not fond of boats but by the end of the trip she decided that kayaks aren't so bad.  Somebody should place some geocaches that are only accessible from the river.  The rope swing would be a great place for a geocache.  We were there in the morning so we had the place to ourselves.  It was great.


Ship On our last day we had a little time before our flight left so we stopped to watch a cruise ship leave port.  We were at the edge of the pier with several local fishermen when some guy came running up yelling "Stop the ship!  Stop the f**king ship!  You have two more!"  Apparently he and his girlfriend hadn't been watching the time closely enough.  He was so worked up it looked like he was going to jump in the water and swim for it.  Needless to say, the captain did not throw the ship into reverse for this guy.  We saw him and his girlfriend again an hour later at the airport.


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