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28 January 2007


Snow1 Snow2 Snow3

Brrr From looking at recent posts, it may appear that growing Kona coffee consists primarily of goofing off and taking vacations.  The problem is that the harvest season isn't really all that exciting to hear about.  If you really want to hear more about harvesting Kona coffee, there have been plenty of past posts on the topic.  For us, it's the days off between harvesting that are much more interesting.  Towards the end of the coffee growing season, when we're finally seeing the returns from a year's worth of work, it's very tempting to take some free time to go play.

On a spur of the moment decision I recently flew out to Colorado to spend a few days playing in the snow.  My sister and her husband had just moved there and my brother and his wife were flying out too.  Valerie and the girls had school and work so they agreed to stay here to take care of the farm and the animals while I was gone.

Many people prefer to fly some place warm for the winter.  Living in Hawaii all year, flying to the snow for a few days sounded like fun.  During my visit the weather was perfect.  The first day was bright and sunny while the next day we saw nine inches of fresh snow.  Then it got bright and sunny again for the remainder of the trip.  As long as you have the correct clothing, hiking in the snow can be a great experience.  I have plenty of good winter clothes so I could keep my fingers and toes nice and warm.

Before leaving, I was trying to describe to my Mexican coffee pickers where I was going.  Most of them have never seen the snow before.  None of them have ever hiked in the mountains while it was snowing.  When I told them it's colder outside in the snow than it is inside the freezer, they weren't sure if they believed me.  After some quick Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions, I managed to convince them that I wasn't exaggerating.  Then I told them how, if you're really quiet, you can hear little thump, thump, thump noises as the falling snow hits the ground.  They decided that was probably a bit far fetched.

We do occasionally get snow up on the mountain here in Hawaii.  Next time it snows up there I plan to take a shovel and fill the back of my pickup truck with snow.  I'm sure it won't last long but it should at least survive the trip from the mountain top back down to the farm.  Coffee trees don't like snow but the kids might find it fun to play in.

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