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Kona Coffee Mailbox
4 February 2007

Mailbox Snow When you order some of our delicious, super high-quality, world renowned, premium, 100% Kona coffee, chances are good that it will be mailed from this mailbox.  If your order is received before lunch time (Hawaii time, which is about 3pm west coast and 6pm east coast time) then chances are good that your order will be shipped that very same day.

We got a bit creative with the mailbox stand.  It used to be on a rickety old post that swayed in the wind.  Now it's on a precarious pile of lava rocks that were cemented together.  It looks precarious but it's plenty sturdy to hold a couple shipments of coffee.  If I ever find the time, I'd like to paint the Kona Earth logo on the side of the mailbox.  Although if I ever build a sign for the driveway like I've always planned to, then the Kona Earth logo on the mailbox would be redundant.

PoiDog Even though our new mailbox is one of those giant sized rural boxes, it still only holds smaller coffee orders.  For larger orders we either ask the mail lady to pick it up from the front door or take it to the post office ourselves.  Because of our ferocious guard dog, the mail lady isn't really too fond of coming to the front door.  It's too bad our little poi dog chases the mail lady but can't seem to keep the chickens off the porch.

Sometimes things here in Hawaii are a little bit behind the latest trends on the mainland.  When it comes to mailboxes I think that's a good thing.  Some of you may have noticed the U.S. Post Office's preference for group mailboxes.  I can see how it's more efficient for them, especially when it comes to a large group of townhouses or apartment buildings.  Having a locking mailbox is nice too.  The only issue is convenience.  A group mailbox isn't so fun when you have to get our of your car and trudge through the snow because there's no convenient pull-through and someone parked a trailer in the middle of the parking lot.  It's times like that when kids come in very handy.  With a little encouragement, kids are happy to run through the snow and check the mailbox for hidden treasures.

Our mailbox is 578 steps from the front door (yes, I counted).  There's no snow to trudge through and the walk is usually a pleasant one.  If in a hurry we can take the ATV there and back.  If we plan ahead we can stop as we drive by in the car.  Usually though, a trip to the mailbox is a good excuse to check on the coffee trees, take the dog for a walk, say hello to the neighbors and spend a moment enjoying the pleasant Hawaii weather.  So feel free to order all the coffee you want, we like using our new mailbox.

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