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18 February 2007

Tree Fruit Lemons

Kona coffee is our primary crop but we do have quite a few other trees as well.  We have a large macadamia nut orchard and several avocado trees.  We have pineapples, bananas, oranges and a vegetable garden.  There is a giant lychee tree near the house.  Just behind it, down the hill and on the other side of some coffee trees is a lemon tree.  It's far enough away from the house that we often forget about it even though it is absolutely loaded with lemons.

Picking Preparing1 Preparing2

The other day the girls were complaining that they were bored.  How they can get bored on a Kona coffee farm, we're not sure.  So what do we do when they complain that they're bored?  We put them to work.

We told them each to get a basket and fill it with lemons.  Then they sat down and squeezed all those lemons.  We had fresh lemonade for lunch and the rest was frozen as concentrated lemonade ice cubes.  Now making lemonade is simply a matter of throwing in 9 lemon ice cubes, 1 cup of sugar and four cups of water.

After all that work the girls were ready for a picnic on the front lawn.  They had a friend over and it was a beautiful day, not too hot and not too cloudy.  After the picnic I was hoping they'd complain about being bored again.  No such luck though, I think they knew I'd just put them to work.


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