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Coffee Refills
"Hana Hou!  Hana Hou!"  (Again! Again!)

bags If you've ever had freshly baked bread then you know what it's like to have freshly roasted coffee.  Bread doesn't go bad right away but there's nothing quite like a freshly baked loaf of bread straight from the oven.  Once the bread is sliced, then the freshness timer really starts ticking.  The same is true with coffee, it's at peak freshness shortly after roasting and ground coffee goes stale much faster than whole beans.  Buying ground coffee in a can is like buying sliced bread at the grocery store, it's just not the same as a freshly baked loaf.

bags Ordering whole bean coffee directly from the farm is a great way to get fresh coffee.  Ordering green (unroasted) coffee is the best choice.  Home roasting is even easier than baking bread.  Unfortunately not many of us can spend every day in the kitchen roasting fresh coffee, baking fresh bread and cooking gourmet meals from scratch.  Heck, even just remembering to order more coffee can sometimes be a challenge.  That's why using the Kona Earth Coffee Refills feature is so nice, you'll get fresh coffee delivered directly from the farm to your door right when you need it without any extra effort on your part.

With the Kona Earth Coffee Refills there are no minimum orders, no commitments and unlimited flexibility.  Simply fill your shopping cart with whatever items you'd like then select a delivery interval and add it too.  For bags example, say you want one bag of dark roast coffee and one bag of medium roast coffee delivered automatically every month.  Add those items to your shopping cart then add the monthly delivery option to your cart.  Complete the checkout and the first month's order will be sent immediately.  Every month after that you will receive an email stating that your automatic shipment is about to be sent.  You can choose to cancel your order, you can change your order, or you can do nothing but sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

You can even use our Coffee Refills feature as a reminder.  Simply add a delivery option to an empty shopping cart and complete the checkout process.  You will receive an email reminder at whatever interval you selected.  You can ignore the email and nothing will be shipped or you can use the email as a handy way to remember to order more coffee if you're running low.

Now if you ever run out of fresh coffee again, you have no excuse.

Coffee Refills Coffee Refills "Hana Hou!  Hana Hou!"  (Again! Again!)
Step 1:  Add items to your shopping cart.
Step 2:  Select delivery frequency.
Step 3:  Sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

Your first order will be sent immediately and you will receive an email before each subsequent order.  There are no minimums and no commitments, you may cancel at any time.  It's the best way to ensure an endless supply of the freshest coffee possible. 

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