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1 July 2007

I had a really good story written for this week.  It was all about Kona coffee too.  But I lost it.  I hope I can find it later but I can't find it now.  It's been a long week and I'm feeling grumpy and tired, or maybe I'm just hungry, but whatever the case I'm not really in the mood to write anything clever or interesting.  Instead, here's a collection of recent photos.

FarmerGary This is a picture of me.  It was taken by a very talented photographer who also lives on the island.  He has a Flickr photo stream that I browse almost every morning while sipping my delicious Kona coffee.  On a recent visit to our farm, he wore his fancy Wal-Mart outfit and kindly refrained from adding any barb softeners to my cattle fence.

As you can see in this picture, now that I live and work on my own coffee farm I don't have to shave as often as I did in the corporate world.  I did however shave shortly after this photo was taken.  We were on our way to a luau so I decided a shower and shave were probably appropriate.  I put on a nicer shirt too, I think I've owned that dirty old t-shirt for nearly a decade now.  My brother tried to steal it once.  He said he found it... in my dresser drawer.
In a previous post about our electric fence I thought I might mention how useless the fence really is.  It can be a psychological barrier but certainly isn't a physical barrier.  The wild pigs run right through it, sometimes letting out a sharp squeal as they run past, sometimes not.  The neighbor's cattle jump right over it as if it isn't even there (yes, cows can jump).  Parts of the fence will keep the goats in but other parts won't.  I was taking this first picture to show how easily the goats can jump out.  Five seconds later, Cosmo jumped right over the fence to see if my camera was as tasty as it looked.  I wish we had a better fence.
Goats1 Goats2
Mouse2 Mouse1 Living on a farm means living with animals.  Goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats and of course, part of every farm, the occasional mouse.  Luckily our cats are pretty good mousers.  The problem is that occasionally they like to bring their new toy into the house to share with everyone.  We found this particular victim hiding between the sliding glass door and the screen door.  The cats had made quite the ruckus playing with it all night long but come morning, when their new friend finally found a safe place to hide, the cats lost interest.  The dog wanted to play but couldn't reach that high.  You can see that the white cat, Mercedes, decided she was tired from a long night and was only interested in finding a quiet spot where she could curl up and take a nap.
Chicken Back in February and again in April, we acquired some baby chicks.  The brightly colored Easter chicks were fun to watch but now they're all grown up and most of them are roosters.  I know it's supposed to be impossible but it sure seems like someone knew how to select only the eggs that contained roosters.  Out of the six colorful chicks, five of them are rooster.  They have all learned to crow and they do it constantly.  They crow in the morning, they crow at night, they crow when they're hungry, the crow when they're bored, they crow to each other, they crow just to hear themselves crow.  If anybody wants a free rooster, come and get it, we have plenty.
Snorkel Lunch We've had visitors recently.  That means we've found plenty of excuses to go to the beach.  Emily finally figured out how to snorkel and got a new set of mask and fins.  They're still a little big for her but that doesn't stop her from trying.

Of course after an active day at the beach we have to go out to lunch to replenish all the calories we burned.  Chili + a red hot dog + rice + potato mac = Chili Loco Plate, one of the local favorites.

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