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Stairs and Hoist
22 July 2007

Stairs The barn roof was finished quite some time ago but the barn is still far from complete.  The most recent addition is the stairs.  There are four flights of stairs.  Well, kind of three because two of them are attached around the corner of the barn.  The third flight is just the extension of the first two so they really all count as one.  The fourth flight is just three steps inside the barn and it's too small to count.  So there is really only one set of stairs but it was still a lot of work to build.

After getting everything nailed and bolted into place, I tested the stairs by jumping on them and shaking them back and forth like an angry gorilla.  Nothing broke, everything felt very sturdy.  The bottom flight of stairs isn't quite as straight as I would like.  I could fix them but probably never will because they're good enough to pass inspection.  The upper two flights are much straighter.  All that is missing now are the railings.

After my gorilla imitation, my dirty footprints demonstrated that white isn't the best color choice for high traffic areas.  The stairs are white because that's the only color I had available (it's left over from the roof trusses).  I need to go to the paint store and ask them if they have any paint the color of dirt.

Hoist Another new addition to the barn is the chain hoist.  A tall barn with big steel I-beams just has to have a chain hoist.  My hoist is rated for two tons.  I could theoretically pick up my entire truck with it.  I doubt I ever will but it's nice to know I could if I wanted to.  I did use the chain hoist to lift up the shell for the back of the truck.  I had taken it off so I could haul mulch around easier.  The shell is light but awkward, putting it back on is really a two person job.  Unless, of course, you have a chain hoist handy.

My father bought the chain hoist for me.  I had looked around town for one but couldn't find what I wanted.  Then my father found the perfect hoist at his favorite hardware store in San Diego.  He also found a great dolly for the hoist.  I brought it home with me when I was out there visiting.  In addition to being able to move heavy stuff around, a chain hoist suspended on a dolly also makes a great swing.

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