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Kitchen Table
19 August 2007


Table Years ago we purchased a little kitchen table at a garage sale.  It wasn't fancy but we were young and poor so for $50 the price was right.  Several years later we upgraded to a hand-me-down table from my mother.  It was a much nicer table and again the price was right.  A few months ago Valerie noticed a nice table at Costco that she really liked.  She had never purchased a nice dining room table of her own before.  Every time she went to Costco her first stop would be to sit at this table and contemplate its $1000 price tag but she never bought it.

Friday evening we were heading out for a barbecue and some fishing at the beach.  We stopped by Costco to get gas and food for dinner.  Next thing I know, Valerie has a giant cart filled with several giant boxes.  Her table was on sale for $399 and it was up to me to figure out how to get all those boxes home.  With the trailer it would have been easy but without the trailer I had boxes strapped on the roof and hanging over the tailgate of the pickup.  We still managed to go fishing too.

Cupcakes Cow What's the best part about purchasing new furniture?  The giant boxes of course!  The kids spent the next two day playing with those boxes.  They started with a fort which was knocked down and rebuilt several times.  They soon discovered that hiding inside the boxes while someone else knocked it down was far more fun than simply sitting inside.  Then the boxes were moved to a hill so they could sit inside the box while rolling down the hill.  Of course it didn't take long before the boxes were ripped and falling apart.  No matter, that just means it's time to flatten the boxes and make a giant slide.

It's amazing how much fun gravity and a little cardboard can be.  The kids took a short break to decorate some cupcakes and reload with sugar then they were right back out to the boxes.  We had to drag the kids inside once it got dark but they were right back out first thing in the morning.

Daddy got to go fishing, Mommy got a new table and the kids got a pile of cardboard.  Everybody is happy.

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