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Papa Gary, Grandma Laqueta and Aunt Angie visit Kona Earth!
2 September 2007

One of the best parts about living in Hawaii is that we don't have to go anywhere to have a fun tropical vacation.  We are lucky to get visitors fairly often and, even though we threaten to put them to work on the farm, we usually end up playing tourist and going to the beach with them instead.  We don't have any spare bedrooms so guests sometimes stay at one of the nearby resorts or a condo on the beach.  When family visited recently, they stayed in the new barn.  There's no water, no drywall, no carpeting and electricity was from an extension cord, but there is a roof and it doesn't leak... much.  Hey, you get what you pay for.  :)  Here is a description of their visit in their own words.

volcano swimming lunch
goats mowing1 mowing2

It rained a lot and there were too many mosquitoes and roosters, but we had a good time!  Papa and Grandma were the first to sleep in the new “office” and the first to find out that the wind blows rain under the new roof.  A temporary plastic curtain fixed that and the new side panels will provide a permanent fix.

Expecting to be put to work on the farm, we actually didn't work very hard.  Papa Gary fixed the fertilizer spreader and helped move the front gate, Grandma Laqueta bagged coffee and Aunt Angie mowed and mowed, played with the goats and killed a mongoose.  But mostly we played, snorkeled, ate out and went sight seeing.  Sarah and Emily took us to Turtle Beach and helped us find Humuhumunukunukuapuaa.  They are beautiful fish, like colorful puzzles, but it took us four days practice to say their name correctly.  Before Papa could go swimming he needed help taking six stitches out of his leg… Doctor Emily to the rescue: her great eyesight and steady hands caught each stitch perfectly!

On our trip to the “rainy side” of the Island, it was sunny and warm all day.  We took everyone to see Lava Tree State Park and found some sugar cane to chew.  They returned the favor by taking us to the Devil’s Throat...oooo scary!

Our last day we snorkeled at “Two Step” near Place of Refuge.  It was the perfect morning: calm clear water, bright sunny sky and lots of fish and beautiful coral.  We’ve snorkeled many times in Hawaii, the Caribbean and California but never had conditions this good.

Angie got to go back to the Big Island on her way home and spent time with Gary, Valerie and the girls, watching a movie and eating Harry Potter Jelly Beans (“rotten egg flavor”: Yuck!)

Next visit we hope to go pig hunting and pick some liliquoi, but we will surely go back to Two Step.

stitches cane1 cane2
waterfall hole1 hole2

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