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Virtual Reality
17 December 2007

A few bags of high quality 100% Kona Coffee direct from the farm in Hawaii makes an excellent Christmas gift.  Our coffee makes an excellent gift any time of year but it is especially popular during the holiday season.  That is great because, of course, we love selling a lot of coffee.  On the other hand, it sure has been keeping us busy.

I would take a picture of all the piles of coffee we've been roasting, packaging and mailing except my camera broke so you will just have to use your imagination.  Imagine the entire house smelling like freshly roasted coffee.  Imagine stacks of boxes everywhere and extra trips to the post office.  Imagine  finally finishing a pile of orders just to find several more waiting to be filled.  It's great to have so many orders, if only the farm work wasn't piling up while we're busy shipping coffee.  I tried to imagine the farm work doing itself but that didn't help, maybe I need to imagine harder.

Simpsons Life on the farm isn't all work, we still find time for friends, family and visitors.  We recently spent the day in our cartoon outfits while giving a farm tour to our friends the Simpsons.  It was quite fun until Bart broke the tractor (Doh!) and Homer drank all the coffee (Woohoo!).  Lisa and our girls spend some time playing the saxamaphone then training the chickens how to pick coffee (eeexcellent) while Marge and Valerie went to town for some shopping and new hairdos (HA-ha!).

Overall the Simpsons had a good time and said they'd recommend Kona Earth coffee to their friends.  We're looking forward to visits from the Hills and the Griffins.  We also plan to add international shipping support to our website which is good because we've had repeated coffee requests from someone named Cartman from Canada.  He was a bit rude though which is unusual because most of our Canadian customers are very friendly.

Warcraft When not working on the farm, shipping coffee or entertaining guests, I occasionally spend some time in cyber space.  My favorite hang out is on the Tichondrius server where some Horde friends and I like to hunt dwarves, elves and other unsuspecting allies.  I just made level 70 and recently purchased a flying mount.  I don't have much epic equipment yet so I'm still gank-bait but I don't let that stop me.  Maybe some day I'll get good enough to be invited on a 20-man raid.

I apologize if none of that made sense to the reality-bound readers.  I'm talking about the computer game "World of Warcraft" (WoW).  It is more than just a computer game, it is pretty much virtual reality.  I find it far more entertaining than watching television.  The world of Azeroth is unbelievable huge and complex.  The game has even experienced things such as unexpected cyber-epidemics, sparking interest and publications from real-life scientists.  Farm work keeps me from spending too much time in cyberspace but I definitely would not recommend WoW to anybody with addiction issues.

Anyways, I sent my camera off to Canon for repairs and the holiday shopping rush should be over soon.  That means we should get back to normal farm life posts soon.  In the mean time I have a few boxes of coffee to ship then maybe I'll get online.  It is the Feast of Winter Veil (i.e. Christmas) in the world of Azeroth and I want to go to Ogrimmar to get a Mechanotoy pet.

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