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Happy Holidays
23 December 2007

It has been a busy Christmas season for us.  Thank you to all our existing and new customers that ordered our Kona coffee, macadamia nuts and gift baskets.  There should be plenty of people enjoying a good cup of Kona coffee on Christmas morning.

As you can see from all the pictures, my camera has been repaired and is once again busy taking pictures.  There is also a new camera under the Christmas tree.  It's a Rebel XTi, my first SLR camera.  Knowing what it is has made the wait for Christmas even more difficult than usual.  All of a sudden my old camera doesn't seem good enough any more.

The old camera did still do a fine job at this year's Christmas parade.  We had to show up early so the kids could march in the parade with their 4H group.  They were one of the first groups in the parade which meant the kids had plenty of time to watch the rest of the parade and pick up all the candy that was thrown from floats.  I think Emily got more candy from the Christmas parade then she did at Halloween.

The parade seemed a bit larger this year.  There were lots of floats, bands and decorated vehicles.  Miss Kona Coffee was in the parade, using her best beauty queen wave.  The Cookie Lady came by and gave us all some free Christmas cookies.  There was a team of dogs, a friendly parrot and a train complete with live steam.  Of course my favorite part of the parade was still the cement trucks.

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