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New Camera
30 December 2007

Picker1 IMG_0001
I received a new Canon Rebel XTi Digital SLR camera for Christmas.  It's my first SLR camera.  My old camera, a Canon Powershot G3, is still a great little camera.  The old camera has all the features and can do almost everything the new camera can do plus it can film videos, sound and a few other things the new camera can't do.  For ultra crisp pictures though, the old camera can't keep up with the new SLR camera.

When digital cameras were first introduced they had a difficult time competing with film because the CCD resolution just wasn't good enough.  For years a digital camera's worth was all about its mega pixels.  Today that is no longer the case because even cheap consumer cameras have plenty of mega pixels.  Now a camera's limiting factor is once again its lens rather than its mega pixels.

I decent lens can easily cost $1000 or more.  Unfortunately I don't have any $1000 lenses yet.  I do have two less expensive lenses that I am quite pleased with.  I find myself taking a couple pictures then immediately running inside so I can view them at full resolution.  Actually, I can't see them at full resolution because my fancy computer monitor and video card don't have a high enough resolution so I have to zoom in and pan around to see the entire picture.  The new camera feels like getting a new pair of glasses, it makes the whole world seems so much sharper and more interesting.

Picker1 Picker2 Picker3
Cherry Daughter Bucket
I have taken pictures of the kids, the dog, the cats, the chickens, the barn, my tractor, my truck, the ferns on the rock wall, all sorts of flowers, the clouds and of course lots of pictures of coffee trees.  The pickers probably wonder why I'm walking around taking pictures of everything instead of working.  I printed out a few pictures of them and gave them copies.  Most of them don't own cameras so I think they appreciate the pictures.

I took some time to show the kids how to use the old camera then we went outside and took pictures together.  More pictures of the dog, the cats, the chickens and the coffee trees.  We'll have to take a break from work some time soon and visit the beach or the volcano or something.  Until then I'll just keep posting more pictures of the dog, cats and chickens.

Emily Valerie Rooster
Chickens Eggs Chicken
Ranger Turkeys Flower
Tugowar Fetch

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