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What to do?
24 March 2008

A nice part of being a coffee farmer is that every day is different.  I woke up this morning and tried to decide what needed to be done.  There's a whole long list of things to choose from.  There are at least a half dozen projects already started that need to be finished.

Planting I've already spent several days planting baby trees but there are still several dozen trees to go.  Actually, there are a couple hundred trees to go, nearly a thousand if you include replanting the macadamia nut orchard.  Several dozen is enough for now though, we already have those holes dug and the others will have to wait until later, maybe next year.  I looked at the baby trees waiting to be planted, even took a picture of them, I just can't find the energy to actually plant them.  Maybe tomorrow.

Mixing The next project on the list is pouring some concrete.  I've already ordered a fancy new pulper and I'm trying to get ready for it.  Foundation work, plumbing, electricity and a roof all need to be built before the pulper can be installed.  I got out my cement mixer, got everything set up and ready to go, then realized I had less than a half bag of cement left.  When mixing cement, it's important to have everything ready to go ahead of time then get it all done in a single shot.  Stopping a cement job in the middle is not good.  So I hauled the cement mixer back under cover and put everything away.  I don't want to go in town just for cement.  Maybe tomorrow.

Pruning February and March are pruning months in Kona coffee country.  It's important to get all the trees pruned before the April rains bring a new bloom for next year's crop.  Most of our pruning is done but pruning is just the first step.  The next step is feeding all the pruned branches through the chipper.  The chipper is working fairly well this year, it's only broken once so far, but I spent all day yesterday chipping and I'm too tired to do it again today.  Plus, it looks like rain.  Maybe tomorrow.

Plumbing Our plumbing is getting old.  It wasn't very well installed in the first place and I've been meaning to redo it all for years now.  The plumbing needs to be redone for the new pulper anyways so I'll redo everything while I'm at it.  I drew up a schematic and purchased all the parts, now I just have to put it all together.  I know better than to do plumbing on a Sunday though.  Plumbing is best done on a Monday when all the plumbing stores are open.  Since I'll probably be busy tomorrow, I think I'll put off the plumbing for a couple days.

Sign Another project that's been put off for far too long now is a Kona Earth sign for our driveway.  I have several ideas of what I want to do, I've even started some of the work.  I'm not convinced the sign is going to come out as nice as I'd like so I'm going to think about it a bit more first.  Maybe the day after the day after tomorrow.

I finished the taxes a couple days ago, that should count for something.  Uncle Sam and the state of Hawaii both have big, fat checks coming their way.  I hope they spend the money wisely, I had to work hard for that money.

Oooo, it smells like Valerie is making cookies.  I think I better go have a spoonful of cookie dough, for quality control purposes of course.  Cookie dough and tall glass of milk, that should be enough work for today.  Everything else can wait until tomorrow.


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