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Papa Gary and Grandma Laqueta visit Kona Earth!
5 May 2008

Laqueta Picnic
Chicks Pools
This week's post is written by Papa Gary

Hybiscus      April is normally the beginning of the rainy season, but we had good weather except for a little vog!  Vog is a local term for the mix of volcanic gasses and fog.  I'll let Coffee Farmer Gary explain all that in a later blog.  The purpose of our trip was to see our family and play with our wonderful grand daughters, Sarah and Emily.  Good weather just makes that more fun.

     Papa Gary arrived a few days early to put his mechanical experience to work overhauling “Big Red” the Chinese tractor.  They must use cement to hold the old gaskets in place because it took almost two days of chiseling to get the parts all cleaned up and ready to go back together.  Then we learned that they had sent the wrong connecting rod…always something!  So, the engine now has two pistons installed and is waiting for the third.

     We also had fun getting the new office ready for use:  plumbing, lights fan etc.  We closed in a coffee chute that runs through the room.  The first time 1,000 pounds of big, dried Kona Coffee beans goes down the chute, Papa Gary is afraid it will sound like the bomb elevators on USS Nimitz.

     Papa Gary also got to go hunting for wild pigs.  They had been doing a lot of damage to the farm and were hiding out on a neighboring ranch.  With help from the expert local hunting guide, Justin and his dogs, we wound up with lots of fresh pork for the barbeque.

     Once Grandma Laqueta arrived we got down to serious business: snorkeling at “Two Step”, hiking to Waipio Valley to see the waterfall, having a picnic along a beautiful stream and later making Smores on a bonfire at Kona Earth.  We also went fishing by the Natural Energy Lab with Matt, Mona and Lily.  The girls had lots of fun catching bait fish out of the tide pools.  But, they had even more fun later, going shopping with Grandma Laqueta.  We all had fun on the farm playing with lots of new baby chicks and four cute little cotton tailed bunnies.  The little “Frizzle” chicks are so cute, we all wanted to hold them.  One would even jump up on Sarah's arm.

     Kona Earth is a beautiful spot: high enough to be cool, but you can still see the ocean.  The coffee trees were still in bloom, along with many other flowers.  There are always lots of beautiful birds and the views are stunning.  Except for the periodic screech of a peacock or crow of a rooster, it is usually so quiet you can hear your heart beat and the Kona coffee beans growing!  We feel blessed to be able to visit such an amazing place.

TwoStep Fishing Leg
Falls Girls Waipio

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