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The Naked Truth
1 June 2008

From left, Kathy Wood, Deb Sims, Lenore Rick, Cea Smith, Sammie Stanboro, Nancy Griffith, Suzanne Kustusch, Kim Johnson, Mary Lou Moss and Jenine Boido pose during a calendar photo session recently. - Photo By Susan Dabritz; seapics.com

Calendar I have a friend that once told me about a book he read on farming in Hawaii.  The book was about a group of people that moved to Hawaii and decided to farm "naturally," meaning they liked to work in the nude.  Hawaii weather is certainly conducive to such activities.  In reality though, there are other considerations such as sunburn, mosquitoes, thorny weeds, rain and neighbors.  Working in the nude all the time isn't realistic but that doesn't mean Kona coffee farmers never shed their clothes.

A group of women coffee farmers recently posed nude for a 2009 calendar called "The Naked Truth."  Why are lady coffee farmers going naked?  According to their website, it's to demonstrate "how passionately they care about 100% Kona Coffee".  They are bringing attention to 100% Kona Coffee and the issue of Kona blends that use the Kona name to sell cheaper foreign beans.  A coffee labeled "Kona Blend" usually contains very little Kona coffee.

I've met many of the women in the calendar and, while they aren't all full-time farmers, they are all involved with Kona coffee farming.  The women range in age from 48 to 70.  They appear nude in the calendar but there is no actual nudity, there is always a well placed flower lei, coffee branch or at least a discrete camera angle.

The calendar, as was intended, has indeed created plenty of attention.  Some people think the calendar is great while others, of course, feel that it was not such a good idea.  Personally, as long as it's realized that these 11 women don't represent the entire Kona coffee industry, I don't have a problem with the calendar.  I think the photographer did an excellent job and the calendar is well produced.  If you'd like to judge for yourself, you can purchase a calendar for $12 from the Kona Coffee Farmers Association website.

And, no, there are no plans for a Kona Earth calendar.

Kona Coffee Calendar Kona Coffee Calendar Kona Coffee Calendar

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