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I'm Not Old Yet Party

Saturday, 30 August 2008  (Labor Day Weekend)
3 p.m. until whenever


I'm turning 40 soon but that doesn't matter because I'm Not Old Yet!  I may be older than I used to be but I refuse to act like it.  I'm taking a day off from farm work to relax, hang out with friends, goof-off, have fun and celebrate not being old.  If you don't feel old yet either then come to my party and prove it.

It's ok if you don't show up though, I'll understand, that just means you're old.

BDay WHEN:  Party from mid-afternoon until you drop.  We'll start the music after lunch.  The fun and games will be going by 3 p.m.  We'll fire up the barbecue around 5 p.m. then try to keep the neighbors awake as late as possible (that shouldn't be a problem since we live on a farm and most of the neighbors will be at the party anyways).  For the truly youthful, we'll have pancakes in the morning.

WHEREN19°33.654, W155°55.219  If you don't have a GPS then you can follow these driving directions to our farm.  We should have plenty of parking but carpooling with a designated driver might be a good idea too.

WHO:  This is a fairly open invitation.  If you're a fun person then you're invited.  If you know fun people then they're invited too.  If you're inviting other people than it would be cool to bring some extra food and drinks for the extra guests.

WHAT TO BRING:  This is not a birthday party (I'm not old yet) so don't bring gifts.  You should however bring your favorite games, toys or anything that is fun and youthful.  Here are some ideas:  Hot Wheels, Legos, paper airplanes, remote control cars, Mr. Potato Head (he's 56 now), Play-Doh, slinky, hula hoop, Star Wars action figures, army men, nerf football, Frisbees, etc.

FOOD:  We'll be cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs.  We'll also have plenty of other junk food that's bad for you and upsets the stomaches of old people.  If you can't find any of your favorite toys, you can bring a favorite childhood snack instead.

DRINKS:  Free Beer!  I'm not old yet but I am old enough to drink!  We'll have a keg or two as well as margaritas and other alcoholic beverages.  We'll also have sodas for the kids.

EVENTS:  Treasure hunts, frisbee golf, hide-and-seek, chase the cat and who knows what else.  Old people stand around and chat but young people PARTY!  If you have a favorite youthful party activity, send me your ideas and I'll add it to the list.

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