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Hiking and Picking Thimbleberries
14 October 2008

Berries Berry

Stash This past weekend we decided to go for a family hike.  We went to our favorite, super secret berry picking location because the wild thimbleberries that grow in the area are ripe and ready for picking.  Thimbleberries aren't usually grown commercially because of their delicate handling and short shelf life.  They're great for home cooking though and taste delicious on toast.  If some of you get thimbleberry jam for Christmas, now you'll know where it came from.

In addition to all the thimbleberry picking, we found several other treasures along the way.  The really valuable treasures, such as the peacock feathers, cow skull and bird's nest, were collected and hidden in a secret stash.  We also found the skull of a large bull.  It was Dog too heavy and too far up the mountain to bother carrying back to the secret stash so we had to leave it where it was.

Kia, our little poi dog, joined in the fun and found her own treasure.  Her treasure looked suspiciously like a piece of cow carcass.  It smelled disturbingly "fresh" too.  We tried to confiscate her treasure but she wouldn't give it up.  It wasn't until we ignored her and kept walking that she was finally distracted by other things and left her treasure behind.  Shh, don't remind her or she might go back to get it.

Other discoveries we made included a fallen log that formed a tunnel and a large tree with a great fort hidden inside.  After an hour or so of hiking we decided to stop for a snack break.  That's when we had the best discovery of all:  a chocolate candy bar that had been left in the camera bag and forgotten about.  It wasn't even melted.

Tunnel Fort
Chocolate Resting

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