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Cute Animals
3 November 2008


Kitten Sarah, 13, likes animals.  When she learned that our local Humane Society has a Pet Pals program, she immediately wanted to sign up.  Pet Pals is a six month class that teaches kids how to do volunteer work for the Humane Society.  Sarah has graduated so now she's a Senior Pet Pal and can do the volunteer work on her own.  Her volunteer work includes walking the dogs, giving the dogs a bath and, of course, playing with the cats and kittens.

In addition to the Pet Pal program, we have also been signed up for the Foster Care Program.  Sarah wanted to take care of under aged cats.  The moment she signed up, she was handed a tiny kitten.  The kitten was still too young to be adopted so it's Sarah's job to feed and care for the kitten until it gains some weight and builds its immunity.  When the kitten is old enough, she'll give it back to the Humane Society so it can be adopted.

Bunny1 Bunny2
Bunny3 Bunny4
Emily, 9, prefers bunnies.  She got her first bunny almost four years ago.  Emily tries to keep her bunnies in a cage but occasionally they like to get out and hop around the farm.  The neighbor's below us had a girl bunny and Emily's bunny was a boy.  They became bunny friends.

One day Valerie was working in her garden when she saw a flash of white fuzz dart under a bush.  Upon further investigation, she discovered a burrow with six baby bunnies in it.  Apparently mother bunnies don't hang around for long and these six babies were just old enough to be on their own.

Of course our house quickly became maxed out on cuteness for the next few weeks.  It was great fun to hold and pet and raise the six little fur balls but we didn't keep all of them.  One was the runt and he died after a few days.  Three of the others were sold to the local pet store so they could find happy homes of their own.  We kept two of the baby bunnies.  Luckily they were both boys so we won't be overrun by an explosion of baby bunnies.

Gecko In addition to bunnies and kittens, we've also had a baby goat and piles of baby chicks.  Sarah has become quite adept at raising chicks, maybe a little too good because we have plenty of chickens now.

Of course there are lots of wild critters around the farm too such as butterflies, pheasants, peacocks and pigs.  Even the baby geckos are cute.  We don't have plans for any more pets but with two little girls it's sometimes difficult to say no.

Chick1 Chick2
Chick3 Chick4

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