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Chocolate Kona Peaberry
24 November 2008


In case you haven't noticed, we're now selling CHOCOLATE CANDIES!!!  It's not just plain old chocolate, each piece has been enhanced by hiding a perfectly roasted, surprisingly tasty, 100% Kona peaberry bean inside.  If you've never heard of chocolate covered peaberry before then you're probably thinking the same thing I did the first time I saw it:  "Can you eat coffee beans?!"

Peaberry Not only can you eat them but you'll very likely come back for more.  We have purchased these candies several times before, always intending to sell them on the website but never managing to not eat them ourselves first.  This time we purchased a couple cases.

These candies do contain 100% Kona coffee peaberry beans but they're not our beans.  Assuming these candies sell well, and I'm confident that they will, then we'll order a much larger batch using our own Kona Earth peaberry.  Until then, I'll vouch for the yumminess of these candies.  Please buy some before we eat them all ourselves.

Chocolate isn't the only thing we're doing for the holidays.  We're also trying to keep some of our roasted peaberry coffee beans in stock.  Peaberry is more expensive but that doesn't keep it from selling out quickly.  You can click here to learn more about Kona coffee peaberry.

Macadamia Nuts Another product we're trying to keep in stock for the holidays is macadamia nuts.  We still have approximately five acres of macadamia nut trees.  Occasionally I'll crack open a couple of our macadamia nuts and eat them raw.  That's a great part about living on a farm:  delicious free food.  We don't harvest, process and sell our own macadamia nuts but there are still some places in the area that do.  Macadamia nuts make excellent gifts so keeping them in stock isn't always easy but we'll do our best, at least until after the holidays.

You may have noticed a couple other changes to the website recently.  You should now receive an automatic email confirmation after placing an order.  We've also added support for International sales.  The first International customer to use the new system is from Canada.  She was even kind enough to help test the system for us to make sure it was working correctly.  It seems to all work as planned.  So if you have friends or relatives outside the U.S. that are fans of Kona coffee, now you can hook them up with just a few click.

RSS There are several other things in the works too.  Be sure to check back regularly so you don't miss out.  The easiest way to keep up with life at Kona Earth is to subscribe to our RSS feed.  If you're thinking "What in the heck is RSS?", click there for an answer.  It's far better than spam and adding it to your Google home page even gives us a little boost in our rankings.

Even with all these changes, we're still managing to produce Kona coffee that we're proud of.  The new pulper is working great and our trees are looking healthy.  So feel free to order all the coffee you want, we can always grow more.

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